Without doubt, the longest running discussion that has taken place on the road to building this company is trying to answer the question, “What is Mad Duck Craft Brewing?” It seemed straight forward enough when we asked it the first time. Alas, three years and heck of a lot of pints later, we’re still working on it.

In the simplest terms, Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co. is a little brewpub. We want to have a chef-driven craft kitchen to match a brewer-driven craft brewery. We want all the flavors of life on both a plate and in a glass.

The problem is, that isn’t really the whole story. Because some of the best bits in life can’t be served. They are the intangibles; only enjoyed through friends, family, laughter and memories. To us, that’s what Mad Duck Craft is: a place to meet and enjoy friends. A place to make new friends. It is a place that makes us happy with food we love, beer we love and people we love. It is our other Home.

So in the end, we don’t know if we’ll ever answer our original question of, “What is Mad Duck Craft Brewing?” But, we know what we want it to be. The best part, will be getting there. Cheers.

The Guys at The Duck